April 21

April 21st, 2008

Today I attended my last staff meeting where Christa went over plans for the new website.  I can see myself being a part of an organization with people fired-up to share whatever the museum has to offer with the general public.  This staff is certainly behind the idea of promoting the museum and it has been interesting to see the results of their enthusiasm in their projects.  I discussed more plans with Sara regarding Faire in the Square and feel like I’ve met her expectations regarding planning the event and contacting appropriate folks.  I still need to get some of the information out to people like Ann Haley (the downtown library is making promotional posters for us) and Kim Herbert (for the marathon weekend).  Wednesday we’re all going to lunch (again!) and then I’ll get to contacting the folks.  Can’t believe I only have one day left – where did the semester go?

April 16

April 21st, 2008

When I got to work today, Mitzi let me know that we (Mitzi, Jess, Ed (the director) and I) were going to lunch to say bon voyage to both Jess and I.  What a treat!  We went to Olde towne grill – delicious!  I spoke more with Ed and Mitzi about my plans for after graduation and Ed gave us the advice to always take chances.  After lunch, I met with a woman from Renato’s to solidify plans for the Faire in the Square which they agreed to provide food for.  We walked through Market Square and discussed the location of the booth as well as the necessary details involved with using the space (i.e. throw away your own trash, be courteous to other vendors, no burners under the tent).  I gave Sara the outline of the Faire in the Square I made with contact information, musicians, food and the crafts we’ll do.  It seems that a lot of working with the museum is doing outreach programs and event planning.  I don’t know if that’s what I’m best at nor what I’m interested in.  I was hoping to work more with the collection and educational programs rather than event planning.  While the experiences are not what I expected, they are nonetheless enriching.

April 11, 14

April 14th, 2008

The Silent Auction was a blast!  What a beautiful event that I believe was very successful.  I got there a little early to help with the loose ends – though certainly everything was in place.  I helped with registering people when they came into the alumni center with their paddle and auction number.  Lots of dressed up folks with money to spend!  We stayed until about 9 and then headed home.

I had made two slideshows – one with items from the silent auction and another with pictures from the education department.  They were both projected on the walls of the alumni center during the entire event.

When I came in today I met with Sara Poore, the education director, about the slideshow.  She felt it did not represent the education department appropriately.  I had shown the format of the slideshow to others before it was complete – with an olive green background and white font which matched the invitations and general color scheme.  They changed it to a linen background with green font.  I also made the slideshow very simple – which I felt was appropriate for a function where the focus was on the items up for auction and the slideshow was a secondary element.  I think this could have been avoided if I’d met earlier with Sara and showed her my progress.  I discussed Sara’s sentiments with Ted and he felt we were just fine and that it really was just a matter of opinion.

Today I worked on Faire in the Square events.  I contacted Roberta Gold with the Jaycee’s about being a part of the Heritage Festival on July 4th, Ann Haley at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library for posters and Adam Bray for music for all three days.  I also worked on a paper for folks to have with contact information for when I’m gone which is so soon!  Wednesday we meet with Renato’s about them having food on May 17th and I’ll continue work on the Faire in the Square project.

April 7, 9

April 14th, 2008

Ted (Mitzi’s husband) and I finished up adding pictures to the powerpoint presentations.  Everyone is contributing somehow to the silent auction on Saturday the 11th.  I ran errands for folks and did by best to contribute.

April 2

April 2nd, 2008

It’s crunch time!  Everyone is in a flutter about the silent auction and it’s hard to not get caught up in the stress.  I just take my tasks as they come and can’t overreact.  I got the mail from the post office and then ran downtown errands including giving images to Nancy Buck at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library for the FAM website for the Silent Auction, delivering a donation slip to Pots n’ Palettes, stopping by Ulman’s and Wegner’s to drop off flyers and discussing with Sara Poore some more Faire in the Square options.  Then I worked on the slide show some more for the silent auction.  Time sure does fly when you have tasks!  In this business world it’s always go go go, I don’t know if I can handle the pace.  But I’m glad to be working on multiple projects and with all the departments to get a feel for at least how this museum functions.

March 31

April 1st, 2008

Today I took all the pictures from last week and made them into a slide show with titles.  I also spoke more with Sara Poore about Faire in the Square.  I’m working on this project continually with emails and some phone calls.  Museums are certainly dynamic places!  Lots going on and I’m having a good time doing it all.  I need to tie up some loose ends for Faire in the Square, continue work on the slide show, and get pictures to Nancy Buck at the downtown library so she can put them on the FAM website.

March 26

April 1st, 2008

Whew momma! We jumped right into taking pictures for the Silent Auction today. It felt very professional because I had a blue velvet backdrop and then took pictures of donated items on it to use in the slide show. This took up my whole day!

March 19

March 19th, 2008

I took down specifics to Lee’s Ice cream for the Faire in the Square and discussed developments with Sara.  Adam and I have finalized the band plans for May 17 – the J and B brothers project.  I’m excited to have one of them finalized and on track.  Then I reviewed evaluations to find notable ones to put in the slide show for the Silent Auction demonstrating the value of the Education Department programs.  Next, I sorted through photographs to put in the slide show for the Silent Auction.  There was a staff meeting at 4 where everyone reviewed what they were up to.  It’s great to hear the whole spectrum of the museum – exactly what I was hoping for with this internship.  Interesting to note is the dynamics between staff members and how everyone deals with each other.  Mitzi is a great mentor and a joy to be around. 

March 17

March 17th, 2008

I came in today and got started on stuffing envelopes with RSVP cards for the Silent Auction.  I went downtown again to Lee’s Ice Cream with a more complete list of dates and times for the Faire in the Square but he wasn’t there.  I then went to Libertytown arts to solicit donations and received two from Misha Sanborn and Neal Reed. I reviewed a spreadsheet with membership donations as well.  Busy busy! 

March 12

March 17th, 2008

I spoke Janelle Kennedy about the sound system for the Faire in the Square and she gave me the email of Richard Mitchell who volunteers with the museum and has a sound system.  I got in touch with him and it looks promising that he’ll be able to help.  I went downtown to solicit donations from Lee’s Ice Cream and Brothers and Sisters (a children’s clothing store) for the Silent Auction.  Lee’s gave a donation right away which felt great and I left a form at the other store.   I also discussed the possibility of Lee’s “catering” the Faire in the Square programs with ice cream, lemonade and sausage sandwiches.  I worked some more with the mailing for the silent auction as well.